Small ray of hope from Puppy Doe case

The recent broadcasting of the Puppy Doe case of Quincy, MA has brought the issue of animal abuse up in many discussions. Rarely does such a story stay in the headlines, but the intensity of the abuse and the beautiful, innocent puppy that fell victim to it has pulled at the heart strings of thousands. This story has perhaps become the most covered single-animal abuse story in the country. Those who hear of it are sickened by the individual who committed such a heinous act, but such cruelty is unfortunately not as rare as some would imagine.

Throughout the country, there are thousands of non-profit rescues that take in these fragile, four-legged souls, often working closely with them to help them to trust a human again. Many are able to be placed in loving, forever homes, while others are unable to work through their aggression or behavioral problems, and have to be euthanized.

How you can help
Many people would love to help abused or neglected animals, but may be short on time or finances. However, there are many different ways you can help save a life. If you’re looking for a new best friend – adopt, don’t shop! Save a life by adopting from your local animal shelter or a rescue. If you’re not able to commit to a long-term relationship, consider fostering a pet from a rescue or shelter. Many pets need temporary foster homes due to age, health or behavioral problems, or lack of room in the shelter. If you can’t take a pet home with you, volunteer at the shelter or donate to help support their rescues. Also, the slogan, “If you see something, say something,” applies in animal abuse and neglect cases. Contact your local animal shelter or animal control to alert them to a possible case, it could save a life.

Ray of Hope
Puppy Doe, or Kiya as she was previously known, was described as a sweet and loving puppy. The horrific abuse she suffered is unfathomable and without reason. Although we cannot give the sweet puppy her precious life back, we can honor her by working to prevent such cases in the future. Advocating for stricter animal abuse laws, reporting any possible abuse or neglect, and helping to support those who are working to save animals can all help to reduce the number of animal victims. Through all the sadness, the ray of hope is that this case will cause people to stand up against animal cruelty, leading to changes that result in countless lives being saved.

2 thoughts on “Small ray of hope from Puppy Doe case

  1. God bless you for seeing the ray of hope in such a horrendous act violence. I pray to God her abusers never get their hands on another creature and that they pay for what they did to this sweet baby girl. I will not forget this sweet angel. I will do everything I can to help prevent this kind of senseless abuse against animals.

    • Thank you, Laura! Unfortunately, animal abuse is much more common than many realize, so hopefully this poor puppy’s story will bring awareness to many who may not have realized how many animals are abused each year. The amount of love and support for Kiya is remarkable, and definitely a step in the right direction for preventing this type of tragedy again.

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